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In loving memory of Christopher M. Bollenbach

there's a place where we'll see your face again..

We Miss You Chris
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Christopher Mark Bollenbach was born November 29, 1990 and from his moment of birth showed a remarkable zest for life unlike most others on this planet. He was born barley alive and was not supposed to survive at all but surpassed doctor's expectations when he lived through the night and went home within 2 days after his birth.

Chris was a very active boy and was always keeping himself amused with something. He was an avid soccer, baseball, and basketball player and when he was not playing a sport he was sure to be riding his bike or spending time with some of his very many friends or helping out someone with something. Everyone who had ever come into contact with Chris said he had this indescribable aura around him that pulled people in towards him, he was so kind and compassionate towards everyone around him that nobody could resist being his friend.

May 28, 2003 tragedy struck. Christopher's brother Johnothan was waiting for the bus across the street from the end of their long driveway and yelled down to the bottom where Chris was and asked if he could bring something to him. Chris said yes and asked thier mom to give him a ride up and they got in the car. He got out of the car with the item in hand and looked to the left, he would never get a chance to look right. Just as he went to turn his head he was struck by a speeding Ford Explorer, being as small as he was the impact threw him and he died that instant at the age of only twelve years old. He will be forever missed by all.


I'd like the memory of me

To be a happy one. I'd like

To leave an Afterglow of

Smiles when day is done.

I'd like to leave an echo...

Whispering softly down the

Ways of happy times and

laughing times and bright

And sunny days. I'd like

The tears of those who

Grieve to dry before the

Sun of happy memories

That I leave behind when

Day is done.

This community is for friends and family of Chris. It is to vent if you have to, post memories, lyrics and things that remind you of him, or anything else relating to him.

This community is also for others who have lost someone close to them, and it is here for them for exactly the same reasons.

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Just A Few Things You Should Know

1. Please don't put other's down, for instance by telling them their greif is not warranted. Lets not add insult to injury. This is a greif support group and this is not by any means the place for it.
2. Photos are allowed and encouraged.
3. Don't be afraid to share feelings of greif of any kinds here, we've all been through it in some way or another here and can relate, vent all you want.
4. If any trolls should invade, please remember the rule of thumb when it comes to them; don't feed the trolls. This means just ignore them, they'll go away eventually.